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Illegibilus Application: Corey A. Martenot by Toudoro Illegibilus Application: Corey A. Martenot by Toudoro

ɤ   ›NAME:
Corey Martenot 

ɤ   ›AGE:
14 years of age [4th year]

ɤ   ›Gender:
          ▴ Male 

  ɤ   ›HOUSE:  


ɤ   ›Nationality:


           September 23rd 1998


             ▴ 160.3cm / 56 kg 

ɤ   ›PET:
       ▴ Name: Spencer

       ▴ Species: House Mouse

       ▴ Personality:  Anal | Picky | Perverted | Intelligent | Arrogant | Demanding | Possessive

             Spencer is the source of much of Corey’s hardship in his years. Initially the two didn’t get along, as Spencer believed Corey only bought him out of pity since he was the last mouse of his kin left in the shop. Nobody wanted him because of his feisty attitude but Corey didn’t care and found him quite charming. Though Spencer was ‘flattered’ that he was bought he didn’t make bonding with Corey easy. He always remained rather demanding (sleeping on Coreys bed, eating off of his plate etc) and it took two years for Corey to get him to at least try to co-operate. Spencer also had a dream of being owned by a woman, so he was often seen hanging around females, climbing on their shirts and sitting in their laps much to Coreys embarrassment (since he lived in a muggle world, mice were regarded to a much lesser extent). Spencer also expected his owner to be a pureblood rather than muggle born and often looked down on Corey for that as well.

Despite him being anal at times, Spencer still cared for Corey by watching out for him when he would get picked on in school by nibbling on others belongings or hands. Even though he pretended he didn't care for Coreys attention, the moment Corey became per-occupied with anyone/thing else Spencer would get jealous (especially if that thing was another pet) and act out. 

He is well trained to sit quietly during classes, not to run around the corridors and sometimes when Corey is lost, Patterson takes charge and gets him to his classes. 


             ▴ Redwood with Dragon heartstring, 12 inches and unyielding

     When Corey went to retrieve his first wand it took around 9 tries to find his proper match. According to the wandmaker, his particular wand had been tested for year and hadn't found it's proper suitor among any of them. The wand maker commented that it was a very odd match up, to have such a warm wood and a rather dark core. In this particular case, the wood compensates for the core, making it difficult for it to switch allegiance unlike most other dragon cores.


             ▴ Finite Incantatem
             ▴ Wingardium Leviosa
             ▴ Petrificus Totalus
             ▴ Protego

     Corey takes his place on the sidelines when it comes to duels, and although he doesn’t necessarily like them, he will stand beside a fellow friend or someone he believes needs his help to help level out odds. He is a defensive duelist by nature; and is very good one at that(having a natural ability to land on his two feet in the murkiest of situations has a lot to do with it). He is very focused when dueling and often remains quiet through out it. His non-verbal magic is quite impressive up until he has to use an offensive spell.

 ɤ    EXTRA CURRICULAR        

        ▴Muggle Studies 


        ▴Hogwarts choir  

ɤ   ›Personality:
         Though he’s not the most outgoing of people, Corey can easily be described as warm hearted. He’s very careful with his words and shows great respect towards everyone around him (whether they deserve it or not). He can also be described as a pushover as he is not one to start fights if they can be avoided. He tries his best to remain unbiased in every opinion he listens to or shares as well as any arguments that he must adhere to. He keeps an open mind almost all the time when he’s in the wizarding world and is completely aware of how new this world is to him.

             He has never cheated whether it’s a dueling match, a simple game of wizards chess or his studies. Always a bit of a stickler for rules unless he can think of a way to make sure he’s never caught. He is noticeably not a very athletic person; therefore he makes up for it in his academics. He takes great pride in all of his friends calling them his best accomplishments and is quick to defend them whenever he feels they’re being disrespected.

             Corey can be seen as naïve at times since he actually believed a couple of the rumors about each of the houses as well as blood status. He assumed that being both a muggleborn and a hufflepuff would make him the easiest target for anyone who liked to tease others but there were very few who did. Even in his 4th year at Hogwarts, Corey still has issues with getting lost in school. He often asking ghosts for directions and ends up having a conversation on the way to class (making him fashionably late).


--Before events--

 Skip ahead to the heading ‘Early life’ to just read about Corey
tl;dr -  Corey has a muggle for a mother and a  pure-blood father. They fell in love but were only a couple for a few years before his paternal family summoned him back to the wizarding world. He left abruptly and never came back but left a few things behind for his wife and unborn child.


         Sylvia Martenot was a warm woman who cared greatly for her peers and family. She was a woman known to stray off into different places, but it was never too long before she came back. Her occupation was home interior designing as well as selling the finished project. She worked many places across the east of Europe, studying architecture and learning ways to make every home both unique and speak for the owner. She built up her own company to help with her project and she loved it as it fueled her love for expressionist art. It also provided her with the means to travel without staying too long and the ability to come back whenever, as where ever you went there would always be a home to re-build/build thus making her quite the happy woman.

          One crisp November evening, Ms. Martenot –whilst finally selling her last house before the holidays- stumbled upon a man whom she had never laid eyes upon (which is definitely surprising given how she managed to get around towns, collecting names n’ numbers as she went) who would change her life forever. She felt this large pull towards this mysterious man with no real reason as to why. If she had been paying any real attention she would have noticed his eerie aura that one could sense a mile away that affected people in such a --- way. Before she knew it, her newfound curiosity in this man turned into interest. Interest, which would take an unusual turn and take over her entire life.

         The mans name was Henry Alecast. A pureblood wizard who was struggling with life in the muggle world as a physics teacher (go figure) at a local high-school. He was never one to actually care much about the muggle world or the muggles themselves, however times were changing and he was beginning to come to realize that the ways of the pure-bloods ignorance had to seize, as there was no room for that type of attitude and their numbers were dwindling. This change was inevitable, and the sooner he got on with it, the more hardship he could spare for future generations.

         Living around muggles constantly was hard for Henry, only having true privacy behind the closed doors of his own home. Though he admitted on several occasions that their technology was fascinating, he couldn’t help but feel superior to them due to his upbringing, so when it came to socializing he opted out on more than one occasion. However this was not the case when he first saw Sylvia. She had been doing some architectural work for his community, and he couldn’t help but find her work rather beautiful. He felt funny when he passed her by; she always had this warm smile and would try to spark up a good-natured conversation with him if she got the chance. In the beginning it would only make him a little confused, and feel the need to escape, but after some time he grew used to it. He began to interact with her more and even go out of his way to try and speak with her. It wasn’t long before he went seeking her out to talk to, as he was just as human as anyone else and was getting rather lonely (cause being all introverted and pessimistic all the time has that affect on you).

         One day, after dancing around each other for several months, Syliva decided to ask Henry out to lunch for a real “normal” conversation over tea. He accepted, albeit rather hesitant at first (because pure-blood ignorant man and open minded happy go lucky muggle woman is a strange mix, no?) but did not come to regret it. They talked about their work and how they came to enjoying it, but when the topic came up of what their upbringing was like Henry was of course, forced to lie. Unfortunately for him, Sylvia was a curious woman. She noted every time the man lied and kept secrets from her. Though she didn’t prod any further he noticed that she was displeased about his dishonesty and for a long time, he felt awful.


         They continued this routine of meeting up every Saturday for tea to chat about nothing in particular, and gradually the once-a-week outings became more frequent. The time passed by rather quickly and before he knew it, Henry had fallen in love with her. Which only added more to his distress because he couldn’t tell her about his secret; thus he was lying to her all the time, which made him worry about whether he could have a future with her or worse, if she would ever forgive him for being so secretive for so long.

Finally coming to the conclusion that it was time, he decided to invite her over to his house (careful to hide the house-elves and silencing the talking portraits – he just wanted to show her the truth, not give her a heart attack after all-) and demonstrate his magical abilities. Of course, it came as a great shock to her. She was literally at a loss for words and became completely in denial to the point where he had to continuously show her over and over again.

         After a relatively short separation (where Sylvia tried to wrap her mind around the situation and Henry continuously banging his head against the wall over his stupidity) Sylvia knocked on his door and asked him to show her more of his world. And so he did. The two became a couple and he took her around with him to many places, teaching her fact from fiction and so on and so forth, but all came to a sudden halt when Henry (unbeknownst to Sylvia) was summoned by his family who lived in the wizarding world to ‘solve a problem’ with a rogue sibling. The decision was already made, as Henry was unnaturally loyal to his family, however he knew that he had to keep Sylvia a secret and more importantly, he knew that he would never be able to see her again.

The poor man began to wear a sad smile, he would start to act upset and frown for reasons unknown to Sylvia as he waved off every concern she brought up. It made her feel bad and no matter what she did, she couldn’t make him feel better. After some time he began to withdraw himself more and more until finally Sylvia snapped out of sadness and begged him to tell her what was bothering him and to stop the lying.


“ Oh my dearest Sylvia, I am terribly sorry for the pain I have caused you. I did not mean to intrude upon your lovely life. I had only wanted to be apart of it, but sadly I have ended up ruining it all. So I believe its best that we part ways here and forever, but I will give you this last gift in hopes you will remember me.”


         Sylvia never did understand that statement at the time, and was left with only her memories of the time she spent with him as well as a few rather large parting gifts. A bank account with a rather large deposited of money, a golden key (which would later be used as Corey and her wizarding money), an exceptionally large secret to keep and a child. All items she cherished with great love.


--Early life -- 

         During the autumn of 1999 in Glasgow, Scotland Sylvia gave birth to a young boy and named him Corey A. Martenot. He was born into a family consisting of a single muggle mother and her elder siblings, who would look after them both as best she could.

         By now his mother had settled back in her hometown, her parents unfortunately deceased during her long departure with only her siblings’ left to welcome her back. All assumed that something terrible happened to her husband as he had not returned with her, but she refused to indulge in the topic, so no one asked too many questions. They opened their homes back up to their sister and her new addition with big hearts.

         After four years, Coreys mother decided she that is was a good time to get back on her feet and move away, seizing the opportunity to find a great place to put Corey into school.

         Corey spent the remainder of his life in the heart of London completely oblivious to the wizarding world. He lived with his mum, who was skilled in evading the topic of his wizard father, telling him instead that his father as he had just disappeared and that it had nothing to do with him.


--Discovery and invitation--

         From age six onward, Corey lived his life an ordinary muggle boy. Not many unusual events happened. He played on sports teams, sprained ankles, did stupid things just like many young boys did. The only thing really noticeable was the amount of luck the boy possessed. He often managed to get in the way of many horrible incidents with minimum injury. Like a time when and his friends were walking home down hill and out of no-where a car sped off and plowed towards them. The road was slippery with ice and everyone was terrified, yet somehow before the car could hit anyone, it collided with a fire hydrant that spun it in the air –over the boys heads- and back on all four wheels a couple of feet away from any of them. Apart from busted tires, expansions and a hydrant dent (maybe some slight emotional trauma) no damage was done to either parties.

         On his eleventh birthday he and his mother had made very little plans, a small party with a few family member but all were halted at the sight of a strange young man, sitting on their front porch with a letter addressed to Corey.

The letter was his invitation to Hogwarts, and the man was a supposed faculty member of the school, there to inform the family that; Yes, magic was real, Yes, Corey was a wizard, Yes, he had been enlisted into Hogwarts since birth and No, there was no need to worry, Corey would not be in any danger.

         It took a whole three days for his family to accept the situation. Even Sylvia herself did not initially believe it despite knowing about the wizarding world from her former husband, but the thought that her son could be a wizard did not really cross her mind. Finally after quite some time (bless the faculty member for his patience) they accepted the matter at hand and allowed the wizard to take Corey and his mother to Diagon Alley to get ready for school.


--First few years at school--

             During his first year, Corey was both awestruck and nervous to attend Hogwarts. It was a new type of schooling environment that he was not very clear on. It was against his nature to do anything where he didn’t completely understand what he was getting into. He fell for all the rouse about muggle-borns being the lowest type of wizards and he also initially believed the other students about house stereotypes. How Slytherins were the wrong sort of people to get along with, Gryffindors were prone to showboat, Ravenclaws were weird and sometimes stuck up with their studies and Hufflepuffs were just boring, with nothing going for them at all. He was very mindful of all these rumors but because he didn’t know any better he kept his head as low as possible around other students. He showed great concern as to what house he might be placed in and if he would be able to fit in properly. That is, until he boarded the Hogwarts express, where he met new and old students. The majority of them were so excited to attend Hogwarts that he forgot all about the rumors. 
             When the sorting ceremony approached Corey was, at first, very frightened but as he watched his new friends go off into their respective houses he couldn’t help but realize that it was all a load of bull. He himself was placed into Hufflepuff and was quite proud as they were not useless at all, and the Slytherins weren’t nearly as scary as some would think as he was able to befriend one or two of them.

             Corey spent his second year being more open minded about the students in his school. He learned who he could and could not hang out with and made tight bonds with many people from different houses. It was hardest for him to make friends and Slytherin into bed with the older Slytherins, as they were intimidating and often looked down on him but he managed to stay on good terms with them as long as he stayed out of their way. He developed stronger feelings for his female companion Oliveria ( a fellow Hufflepuff who is in the same year as him) as they had been spending a majority of their time together after she and her previous friend had an ugly disagreement. This particular year seemed to fly by (AND I'M NOT JUST SAYING THAT BECAUSE I'VE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE 'KAY!?), he was able to adjust to his new surroundings better. 

             The next year....Nothing much happened. Honestly. He went to Hogsmead, got a toothache which turned into a cavity but other than that there was nothing exciting about it. No new friends or anything, however he did grow a whole 3 inches.... (is that interesting enough?)              

ɤ   ›FAMILY:

Name: Sylvia Martenot - Mother

Blood Status: Muggle
Age: 40

Name: Henry Alecast – Father
Blood Status: Pureblood
Age: 45


Name: Dolly Martenot – Aunt
Blood status: Muggle
Age: 42



             -- Editing--             

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